Another TAPR DCC….

It has been a year since my last update and in that time I have not done much to move this effort forward. I would like to change that now.

In order to get this group off the ground, we need a place to talk. So several months ago I put up a online forum site to hold discussions about the ARETF. The site is available at , if you’d like to help out, please go sign up.

The next step was finding a place to store our documents and being a software person at heart, I setup a Git repository at GitHub. I have uploaded some of the initial documents describing how I think the group should operate, I will figure out the best way to accept commits as we move forward. The GitHub link is

Finally I am really happy to announce that Andrew-KA2DDO has made the first contribution. Andrew wrote up a proposal for how to authenticate APRS packets for various uses, which could easily be extended to other amateur radio areas. The draft is checked into the git repository mentioned above, but here is a direct link.

Kenny, Ku7M

2 thoughts on “Another TAPR DCC….

  1. Hello Kenny,

    Though I applaud this ARETF concept, I think using an obtuse interface like Github for document management will only hinder contributions. Don’t get me wrong, I think Github is a great service for source code but I don’t think it’s the best choice for documentation. There are plenty of options out there for online collaboration such as Google Docs, MS Office365, etc. which offer far richer document revision control. I also encourage you to move beyond just ASCII text documents. It’s 2015 and this group doesn’t need to emulate legacy behaviors like the IETF. Modern document formats with exports to PDF or whatever will give the group far more powerful ways for formatting, diagrams, etc.


  2. First, thank you for your feedback David.

    This may be an old fashion view point, but I don’t expect many members to be using git and GitHub directly. I expect there will be a small number of ‘editors’, who will merge comments into the documents and publish them. Trying to manage 10 people editing the same document makes my head hurt a little, which is what would probably happen if used something like GoogleDocs or MSOffice365.

    You make an excellent point about modern documents and supporting PDF’s. I love PDF’s for all the common reasons. (Easy to produce, great looking and readable on nearly every platform) But text files with markup allows that as well and I agree we should produce a PDF version for all major revisions.

    That said, I will also admit my bias against things like MSWord, even though I use it all the time for work. There are to many cases I have run into where a version produced a couple years ago no longer quite works right. And if the file is ever touched with a non-MS editor, things get really iffy. But I have text files that are perfectly readable today which were produced during my college days on HP desktops running BSD 4.3.

    I’ll make you a deal. If you contribute to standards for the ARETF, I’ll personally handle your editing/contributions.

    One more thing, how about we move this discussion to the forum? (

    Kenny, KU7M

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